Property Owners

As a Ventura County property owner, you may already have had experience hiring a land surveyor.  Or maybe not.  In either case, GP Salmen & Associates will help you avoid making the wrong decisions about what type of land surveying services we provide for you.

You may be remodeling or planning all new construction, or

You may have building sideyard setback questions, or

You may believe that your neighbors are encroaching onto your parcel, or

You may be putting up a fence or block wall,

Or you may simply want to know where your boundaries (property lines) are.

In each case above, there may be several ways that GP Salmen & Associates might help you.

I’m Gary Salmen, LS, and I’m happy to share my many years of experience to help you decide what type of land survey is best for you.

We proudly continue to serve Ventura County and neighboring communities, from Calabasas to Camarillo, Ojai to Oxnard, in Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Malibu.

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